Vai uma ópera curitibana aí?
Sarapalha, montagem de Harry Crowl inspirada no mundo de Guimarães Rosa, tem duas encenações neste fim de semana na Capela Santa Maria
16/07/2010, 00:06
Cristiano Castilho
Hedeson Alves / Gazeta do Povo     
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Harry Crowl - Sarapalha
André Egg                                    
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O concerto do trio Rerum Novarum
Oct 11th, 2009 by andre egg.
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Filarmônica UFPR:
Villa-Lobos, Harry Crowl e Leopoldo Miguez

Jun 19th, 2010 by andreegg.
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-     Concerto for Bass Clarinet, Percussion and Piano (1994/95)

“Another lovely piece of music was that of the Brazilian-American composer Harry Crowl “Concerto para Clarone, Percussão e Piano”. The above-mentioned “Clarone” is a bass-clarinet. The piece portrayed the sounds of composer’s native town. It was music filled with light, mystery, color, and change of atmosphere. Open hearted and charming.”

(Svend Erik Sorensen. Fynns Stifstende, Odense, Denmark. Feb.17th, 1995)

“Last evening, an English conservatory orchestra was playing Carl Nielsen’s 5th Symphony. Later on, a Brazilian ensemble was to premiere a new Brazilian piece with a quotation from Nielsen’s 5th Symphony. That took place at the Aarhus’s “Musikhuset”. When a quotation from Nielsen’s symphony was heard in Harry Crowl’s work that was a reason not only due to his admiration for Nielsen’s work but also that the premiere of the piece took place at Nielsen’s native town: Odense. That was part of “Grupo Novo Horizonte”’s tour to Denmark. It was one of the good and well diversified pieces of modern music.”

(John Christensen. Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Aarhus, Denmark. Feb.15th, 1995)

-     Sabra (1983) for oboe and piano

 “Daniel Vidal (oboe) and Karina Glasinovic (piano) managed to climb the peaks of Harry Crowl’s “Sabra”. The chaos, violence, lack of preoccupation and the score’s juvenile sophistication altogether created an admirable challenge for the interpreters. They managed to master them with skill and elegance.

(Federico Heinlein. El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile. Oct.19th, 1989)

- Na Perfurada Luz, em Plano Austero”, string quartet no.1

“The excellent Moyzes Quartet from Slovakia is responsible for the recording on CD of Strings Quartets no.1 and 2 by Guilherme Bauer. These pieces were composed in 1981 and 1997. The String Quartet no.1 by Harry Crowl, who is also Brazilian, completes the CD. The CD came out on the label PAULUS. Both composers trail independent paths. They show that it’s still possible to renew the musical language even in a traditional media as the string quartet. .”

(Luiz S.Krausz, BRAVO! Magazine, São Paulo, Brazil, January, 1999)


“A CD from Slovakia’s Moyzes Quartet brings us the two String Quartets by Guilherme Bauer (born in 1940) and Harry Crowl’s (born in Minas Gerais in 1958) “Na Perfurada Luz, em Plano Austero”, string quartet no.1...

...In Crowl’s quartet (1993) both the affirmation of a sound research in many directions and the figurative ambience are even stronger than in Bauer’s quartets. Inspiration here comes from Murilo Mendes’s poem “Mountains of Ouro Preto”. The poem works as a starting point for a succession of instigating almost static images. This string quartet goes beyond our expectation in most of 25 minutes of duration. Moyzes Quartet ranks superbly the challenges by these two Brazilian composers in all three pieces that were recorded in excellent conditions this year, in Bratislava.”

(Clóvis Marques, Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov.17th, 1998) 

 - Paisagem de Inverno (Winter Landscape)

“Particularly striking was the Paisagem do Inverno (Winter Landscape) (2006) by Harry Crowl, beautifully played by Batista Jr., clarinet, Vinicius Amaral, violin, and Luciano Magalhães, piano, evoking first winter storms, and then an a chilly, but more tranquil, calm, with a harmonically static section leading to a long, long, long final adagio, masterfully captured by the trio. Captivating!”

(Tom Moore, Life in Brazil: The 17th Biennial of Contemporary Brazilian Music, in:, Dec.4th, 2007)